Thursday, February 4, 2010

Walking Village Streets

Ron finally came home from the coast and his visit to the heart clinic at St Paul's Hospital. They must have said something right because he is determined that we will start getting some exercise and do some walking.

Yesterday was actually our first day of 'exercise' and we did a couple of walks, one trip around Byron Circle with the dogs and then a bit later down to the post office. The weather has just been lovely, a little below freezing, so crisp but not frigid. The snow here is deep, well I think it's deep, probably about 2 feet in the bush. The trees all seem to hold onto the snow through most of the winter, and with the beauty of that, the peace and quiet of our little village, it makes for a very pleasant walk.

Today we took a longer route to the PO, I guess we'll have to invest in a pedometer to see just how far we do walk. Another way would be to drive our walking routes and measure it that way. At least this is not New West! There would be very little walking there I think! LOL

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